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Tapping Noise in Central Heating Pipes: What You Need to Know

by | 12/ 06/ 20

Wondering what that annoying tapping noise is in your pipes? Read on here: Have you ever noticed a tapping or knocking sound coming from pipes in your home? If this happens now and again, it may not be anything that concerns you. However, if this is a recurring issue that’s beginning to disturb your sleep, work, or peace at home, perhaps it’s time to do something about it. 

What’s Making the Noise?

The good news is that this sound is unlikely to be a significant issue. In most cases, the tapping noise is due to high water pressure, sediment build-up, or a water hammer. 

How to Fix the Tapping Noise

If the noise is caused by one of the above scenarios, there is a quick and easy solution that doesn’t involve a plumber.  Draining the water in your home’s plumbing can get rid of a water hammer. Turn off the supply, then run the lowest tap in your house until all the water is drained.  Turn the supply back on halfway to see if this resolves the issue, as it may be a result of high water pressure. Performing this task may also move some sediment that may have built up. If in any doubt, you should contact a plumber or central heating installers.

The Professional Solution

If you’re unsure of what your problem is or what the right solution might be, don’t hesitate to call a plumbing professional.  Lonsdale Heating and Plumbing provide plumbing repairs, central heating repairs, central heating servicing and is more than capable of fixing any issues that you may have. We pride ourselves on high-quality work, and our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Looking for professional assistance? We can help you with the plumbing issues in your home. Find out more about our domestic plumbing services.

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