Central Heating Installers

Full central heating installations in your home

Central Heating Installers

Local gas engineers and central heating installers.

Offering you a full central heating design and installation service.

Using our expert knowledge and experience and using only quality products with the latest technology, by planning out your central heating installation, your home is always warm at the most optimum efficiency.

We work with builders installing brand new central heating systems in newly built properties. We install brand new central heating systems in homes where gas has been made available to the property, where previously it may not have been. We work with home renovators to install central heating systems that suit a new layout of a home.

Offering our expert knowledge, we can recommend the radiators that best suit your system and that provide the best and most efficient heat output. With a huge range of radiators available to choose from, we can help narrow down the options that will best suit your home, helping you to make the right choice.

With Lonsdale Plumbing and Heating as your central heating installers, you can be sure we’ll look after your home like it was our own.

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