Why is my boiler giving me hot water but no heating?

by | 18/ 01/ 22

There are times when you have no central heating but still get hot water running in your home or office. If your boiler is not working yet you get hot water; the problem could be the boiler settings or a broken component. Here’s a list of components you can check to determine whether you can fix the problem or call a professional plumber Midlands.

Cold Radiators

Feel your radiators to locate any cold spots. If there are any, bleed for water and air. Also, check the thermostatic radiator valves. Turn them up to number five, and then give them a few minutes. If they do not warm up, they could be faulty. Contact a professional plumber Midlands to replace them. 

Central Heating Settings

Ensure the central heating is switched on. If you have experienced power issues, the boiler has likely reset. Therefore, you need to readjust the settings. If you are uncertain of how to go about readjusting, check your boiler’s manual.

The clocks, too, may have gone back or forward due to a power outage, altered settings, or failed backup batteries. As a result, your time may have been incorrectly set, so you need to reset it.

Boiler Pressure

Your boiler problems may be happening as a result of low pressure. Topping up the pressure is easy. There is a small pressure gauge on the control panel. You need to top up the pressure if the boiler is indicating low pressure. The process of topping up varies depending on the type of boiler. 

Broken Diverter Valves

Diverter valves switch heat between the central heating and water supply. When a fault that prevents them from changing positions happens, either your hot water or central heating will stop functioning. At times, normal wear and tear make the valves unable to change position.

Unless you are a professional, do not attempt to repair a boiler with a faulty component. Instead, seek the services of a reputable plumber. Companies like Lonsdale Plumbing and Heating offer excellent plumbing and heating services.


Check to ensure that your thermostat is not on low temperature, faulty, broken, or off. If your boiler has a smart thermostat, it may have switched itself off. Furthermore, you need to check the settings to ensure they are correct. If they are, check the timings and adjust if necessary.

Boiler Faults

You can resolve some faults by resetting the boiler. First, reset if your boiler has a switch on the outside. If it has a casing or cover, do not remove it to access the button as this could be dangerous. Another option is to turn off the boiler’s electric power for thirty to sixty seconds and then turn it on again.

If you perform the above and fail to recover the heating,  your boiler may be experiencing other problems like failure of a motorized valve, a broken airlock, or a faulty diaphragm. Please note you must never use a gas appliance if you suspect it is unsafe. So don’t touch any boiler component unless you have the technical know-how. Contact us today and let the professionals have a look.

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