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When Does Your Boiler Need Replacing?

by | 10/ 08/ 21

If you want your boiler to last a long time, we’re talking 15-20 years– you’ll need to make a habit of quickly repairing faults and servicing it frequently otherwise your boiler may need replacing before you think. Of course, servicing and repairs are only a part of the equation.

The boiler’s brand, capacity, and frequency of use will also determine how much of a “beating” the boiler can take. Boilers used all day are bound to break down more often and require more frequent maintenance due to “wear and tear”. Also, certain brands are better equipped to handle prolonged usage than others. 

The good news is the average good boiler will last 10-15 years –depending on how they’re maintained– before their efficiency rate drops. On the other hand, low-quality boilers tend to break down and require replacement after a few years of use. 

So how can you tell that your boiler is due for replacement?

Boiler Has Been in Use for 15+ Years

Here’s the thing: 15 years is kind of the benchmark timeframe for optimum boiler usage. After that, its efficiency rate is drastically reduced. In fact, many boilers don’t last that long. 

Unfortunately, some boilers don’t give any warning signs before quitting. To avoid being caught unaware, make sure to carry out routine maintenance checks on the equipment –yearly at the very least. This way, you can spot any issues earlier and have them fixed before the boiler completely breaks down. 

You’re Getting Higher Electric Bills

Electric bills are higher when there’s increased energy consumption. If there’s no valid reason for rising electric bills, then your boiler may be having to work extra hard just to keep up with your hot water needs –hence the inefficiency we spoke about earlier. 

But to eliminate all doubts, check the boiler’s efficiency ratings –A-rated and G-rated boilers have a >90 percent and <70 percent efficiency rate respectively. So lower ratings automatically mean it’s time for a new one. 

Your Boiler Produces a Yellow Flame

An optimally functioning boiler has a blue flame. So if it’s producing a yellow flame, have a boiler technician check it out immediately. Yellow flames tend to produce higher carbon monoxide levels, which can be dangerous to your health and that of your loved ones. Sometimes, the cause of the yellow flames can be rectified. And if it can’t, the technician will let you know what your options are. 

Evidence of Leakage in the Boiler

Sometimes, boilers leak. The leak can be a result of rust, a weak valve, or a seal. Whatever the case, a leaking boiler doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s damaged beyond repair or that your boiler needs replacing.

So let a boiler technician take a look at your boiler equipment to see what’s wrong. However, if the leaks continue even after fixing it multiple times, it’s best to just buy a new one. 

The Boiler Smells Horrid

Boilers aren’t supposed to give off any smells –least of all, bad ones. But if yours does, chances are you may have a gas leak. 

If you detect the smell, quickly shut off the boiler, get in touch with Gas Emergency Services, and evacuate the building until they arrive and give you the all-clear. If you need to have your boiler replaced, our boiler replacement technicians can help. 

Get in touch with your plumber Midlands today if you are experiencing any of the above, and you need oil boiler servicingboiler installation Leicester. or your boiler needs replacing. We are happy to help!

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