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Professional Installation and Refurbishment Services for Your Bathroom

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Are you looking to transform your bathroom with a new toilet and shower installation?

Lonsdale Plumbing + Heating offers professional installation and refurbishment services for your bathroom. Our experienced team of professionals can help you create the perfect bathroom for your home.

Plumber Leicester
Plumber Leicester

Professional Toilet Refurbishment

We offer a range of services, including toilet and shower installation, to ensure that your bathroom is both functional and stylish.
Renovating a toilet can be completed efficiently without taking up much time. Lonsdale Plumbing + Heating offers professional toilet refurbishment services to transform your bathroom. The costs associated with this refurbishment vary, but it is a worthwhile investment as it has a long-lasting impact. By installing a new toilet, you can enhance the level of hygiene in your home. In addition, an upgrade allows you to consider your current living situation, such as adjusting the seat height for increased comfort as you age or adding a special child seat for households with young children. Furthermore, opting for a washdown toilet instead of an old washout toilet during the renovation is an environmentally friendly choice that conserves water.
If aesthetics are important, consider the toilet’s installation system. Utilising advanced technologies such as wall-hung toilet pans ensures that all screws are concealed for a seamless appearance. It is also crucial to select ceramic that complements the existing bathroom fixtures. By choosing consistent shapes and matching ceramic colours, you can create a serene and harmonious ambience in your bathroom.

Benefits of a New Toilet and Shower Installation

A new toilet and shower installation can provide a number of benefits for your home. Not only will it improve the look and feel of your bathroom, but it can also help to increase the value of your home. A new installation can also help to reduce water usage, saving you money on your water bills.

Additional benefits of a new toilet or shower installation are:

  • It provides convenience and reduces waiting time for bathroom use.
  • It increases the functionality and usability of the home.
  • It can improve the overall comfort and quality of life for the residents.

Bathroom Renovation Services

Our bathroom renovation services are designed to help you create the perfect bathroom for your home. We offer a range of services, from toilet installation to full bathroom remodel installations, to ensure that your bathroom is both functional and stylish. Experience the ultimate bathroom transformation with our expert renovation services. Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping you create a functional and stylish bathroom that suits your home perfectly.

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