How Much Is A Combination Boiler Installation?

by | 21/ 09/ 21

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to install a new combination boiler. The cost will depend on several factors, including the size of the boiler and how complicated the installation process will be.

In most cases, you’ll pay less to install your combi boiler than you will to buy it, as most of the prices already cover installation costs. Although it may seem like you’re paying alot, you’re also receiving quality and qualified service. An experienced gas-safe registered engineer should carry out the installation process while following strict procedures, checks, and other protocols. This way, you can rest assured that your installed combination boiler meets every regulated standard.

Various combi boilers have different costs

Each boiler fitter will offer a different installation price based on the boiler type. However, other factors can also determine how much you’ll end up paying, including how much the materials during the installation cost. 

You can also expect the cost of labour as another factor; this usually ranges from £350 to £750 per boiler fitting. You may incur extra expenses if you decide to move your boiler. That said, here’s how to determine a combination installation boiler cost.

How is a combi boiler installation cost determined?

Several factors go into determining how much a combi boiler installation will cost.

  • Weight of the boiler: The heavier the boiler, the more hands will be required to replace it, which means more cost
  • Replacement process: Replacing some boilers only requires a straightforward swap, meaning there are connections loosened for the old boiler to be moved and the new one placed. However, suppose the new combi boiler is more complicated or different from the old one. In that case, the replacement and installation process will require more work, from engineering the needed pipework to and redrilling the holes to install the new boiler. The more complex the process, the more you can expect to pay. 
  • Additional installations: Depending on the installation process, you may find a few other things added to the installation quote, increasing the final installation cost. For example, if you find a limescale filler, magnetic boiler fitter, or a cylinder added to your quote, they will require fixing in addition to your boiler. And in most cases, these costs can run well into the hundreds, shooting up your overall costs at the end.
  • Additional installation works: Your expert boiler fitter should ensure that they leave your property the same way they found it. Unfortunately, a complicated installation process may require drilling new holes, mounting new pipes, etc., and all these can change or deface your property. That means your fitter will require extra work to patch up, clean, plaster, and cover areas they need to. The additional work hours needed to do these things will also translate as added costs.
  • The location of the boiler: Finally, the location of your residence will affect the cost of installation. For example, replacing or installing a boiler in Central London could be twice as costly as a boiler installation Leicester.

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