How much does it cost to install a new oil boiler?

Friday 16th June 2021

Oil boilers are less common than gas boilers because they are only used in households that are not connected to the gas mains.

An oil boiler installation can help increase efficiency and safety in your home. It is, however, different and more expensive because it uses different appliances to store the fuel.

Standard costs involved for installation of an oil boiler

The cost of a new, high-quality oil boiler can range between £3000-£6000. Different factors are considered when a price is finalised. These factors include:

  • The type of oil boiler 
  • The make and model 
  • System 
  • Size
  • Location
  • Quality of pipework 

To obtain the most accurate quote for your specific oil boiler, it is highly recommended that a visit is arranged with your local plumber.

This means that the work can be assessed properly and an accurate quotation can be obtained.

Radiators can sometimes make a tapping noise in the pipes

Additional cost considerations

Each oil boiler system is unique, which means there is a range of different products required, and in some cases, upgrades to equipment may be essential too. These different costs and products include:

  • Movement of the oil boiler (if you plan to move the oil boiler internally/externally)
  • Price of the new boiler 
  • Powerflush
  • Pipes
  • Magnetic filters 
  • Standard flues
  • Labour
  • VAT

At Lonsdale Plumbing and Heating, we always recommend a site survey to find out your needs in order to provide you with an accurate quote.

The price that we quote is what the customer pays, barring any unforeseen work that could be required. If you’re considering an oil boiler installation Leicester, contact your local plumber Leicester today to find out how we can help you.

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