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How Long Does It Take to Train as a Plumber?

by | 24/ 07/ 23

When considering becoming a plumber, many factors need to be taken into account. From the length of training required and types of programs and apprenticeships available to licensing requirements and any additional certifications you might require – this blog post gives a general overview of what timescale training takes as an entryway into becoming a Plumber. 

Select Your Career Path Determine Length of Training

Training to become a plumber depends on your career path of choice; those opting for an apprenticeship program typically spend approximately four to five years between school time and on-the-job experience combined. Traditional college classes may take anywhere between eight years of study as well as field experience.

Apprenticeship Program

By choosing an apprenticeship program, you will receive training in various aspects of plumbing such as pipefitting, installation, repair and maintenance as well as advanced technology like computer-aided design (CAD) software and laser measurement tools. Apprentices usually receive pay for their time spent training but this may differ depending on your employer.

College Courses

If you want to attend traditional college classes, you will require either a vocational program or an associate’s degree in plumbing technology. While in training you will learn about safety practices, design principles and blueprint analysis; as well as learning how to size, install and maintain piping systems correctly. Depending on which school offers this program it could take anywhere between 2-4 years with some offering internships or externships for practical experience – some top colleges in the UK that provide this course are:

  • University of Derby 
  • Sheffield Hallam University 
  • City of Glasgow College 
  • The Open University 

Licensing Requirements

Plumbers in many regions of the country must acquire a licence or certification in order to practise their trade safely and successfully. This generally involves passing an exam that covers knowledge necessary to become an efficient and safe plumber, while some areas may also mandate additional training or continuing education courses to keep their licence current; for instance, a plumber in Coalville must complete 18 hours of continuing education every three years to stay abreast of local laws and regulations.

Additional Certifications 

If you want to advance your career as a plumber, certifications show your expertise in specific field-related topics. Journeyman certification, which can be obtained after passing a test administered by the local licensing agency, shows mastery in installation, repair, maintenance and safety aspects of plumbing work. Master Plumber certification requires additional training as well as experience within the industry.

These certifications demonstrate to employers that you are an accomplished professional, increasing your salary or job opportunities. Staying current with changes to plumbing technology by taking continuing education classes or attending seminars to stay abreast of best practices and regulations will not only make you a more valuable employee but also ensure safe services are being delivered efficiently to clients.

Job Prospects 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of plumbers is projected to expand by 12% between 2018-2028 – faster than any occupation overall. This projection can be attributed to an increase in the repair and maintenance of existing systems and construction projects requiring plumbing services, coupled with ample job opportunities available across all disciplines requiring plumbers. Even a plumber in Derby should find work given its growing demand.

Plumbing can be an advantageous career choice, yet it requires hard work and dedication to be successful. Plumbers must take steps to ensure safety when handling water, gas and other potentially harmful substances; in addition, they must stay up-to-date on local and state codes in order to provide their clients with quality service – qualities which make for a long and successful career in plumbing!

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