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How long does it take to put central heating in a house?

by | 21/ 10/ 22

Installing a new central heating system can be difficult if you’re not prepared. Will you have to move during installation? How long will it take? What precisely waits for you at home? Lonsdale Plumbing will be there, with our basic beliefs based on honesty with our clients and care for the environment in which the work must be completed; this is our attention to detail.Leaks in the central heating system can be very problematic. You might have a leak in your central heating system if your boiler has been dropping pressure or is hissing. These problems tend to flare up more frequently throughout the winter because of greater use and frost damage. Finding the source and exact location of a leak can accelerate repairs and cut down on expenses.


A Gas Safe registered plumber takes time to visually evaluate a central heating system. They will inspect the gas boiler, gas and central heating pipework, radiators, gas meter, hot water cylinder, and thermostatic controls throughout the survey.


Modern systems control heat dispersion better, saving money. Most come with built-in safety systems to protect your property, like automatic shutoff. When you need a heating engineer, we can provide quotes and work history. Because heating systems are complicated, locating a reliable plumbing and heating engineer is the first step in guaranteeing your and your family’s safety, and we’re here to help.


By law, a Gas Safe registration is necessary for the installer of any new boiler. This requirement applies to both residential and commercial settings. After a boiler has been installed, it needs to be commissioned, which is work that can only be done by an installer who is registered with the Gas Safe Register. This is typically done by following a boiler commissioning checklist. Now you can rest assured that your boiler is safe.

Purpose of Our Organisation

To gain the trust and confidence of our clients by consistently exceeding their expectations for service and quality, delivering excellent value for money, and aiming to complete all work with zero defects.


To ensure that our team is comprised of the most talented people and that we are able to consistently produce high-quality work and provide great service, we implement a thorough and efficient recruitment procedure.


We are committed to reinvesting in our company and our employees on a regular basis in order to enhance the services we deliver to our clients. Because of this, we’ll have a leg up on the competitors.


Depending on the complexity of the job, putting in a new boiler usually takes between one and three days. Time will also be required for a survey and quotation appointment, which will happen before your installation. At this appointment, our engineer will talk to you about your home and your heating needs so that the right boiler can be chosen and installed.


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