How Long Does It Take To Fix A Broken Water Pipe?

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

When it comes to maintaining and renovating your home, great plumbing should always be a priority. While plumbing is a science and requires nothing less than gold-standard craftsmanship, issues can occur from time to time. If experiencing a broken water pipe, the response and resolution need to be both quick and attentive.

This means not only must the repairs be installed carefully and to standard, but they must also be repaired with long-lasting reliability in mind. It’s for this reason that Lonsdale Plumbing have made a name for themselves – thanks to how client-oriented they are from the moment they’re contacted. They make an effort to find out what your plumbing repairs entail, and how they can enact a reliable solution that will last.

However, as a homeowner, it’s always good to be informed. For this reason, asking how long it takes to fix a broken water pipe is an excellent use of your time. Even for an issue as seemingly simple as a broken water pipe, nuances exist, and for this reason, we hope to educate our clients so that they can identify problems, know what steps to take when an issue presents itself, and also feel confident in the solution. Additionally, being able to adequately describe a problem can help you speak to a plumber with more confidence.

There are some variables that determine how long it takes to replace a water pipe. The foremost priority is that it is fixed, as residential water damage can be a big problem. Let’s consider your options:

fix a broken water pipe

Pipe Location

Depending on where the damaged pipework is located, can have an affect on how long it might take to repair the broken water pipe. For example, if the water pipe is located under tiled flooring on the first floor of a property, access may need to be gained through the ground-floor ceiling. This would result in further work to replaster the ceiling where the repair work has taken place. Likewise for pipework located within the walls. Where pipework is beneath floorboards, under carpet, the boards and carpet will need to be lifted to gain access and be laid back down once the broken water pipe has been repaired.


Extent Of Disrepair

No matter if the job is large or small, Lonsdale Plumbing takes the time to fix the problem or finish a job in its entirety. Small cracks can sometimes lead to big cracks, and the source of a piping problem may not be so apparent from a quick inspection. For that reason we take the time to inspect the entirety of your plumbing network, to make sure that there’s no chance a missed problem will rear its head later on.


To conclude our advice, asking how long it takes to fix a broken water pipe is similar to asking the length of a piece of string. That being said, if you speak with your plumber and ask for their assessment, they will be able to give you a quote and timeline of repair.

Most small issues can take a single afternoon to resolve, while some extensive problems may require a week or more. What matters is that you come to a worthwhile result, one unlikely to cause you a headache in the same way again.

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