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How Does a Central Heating System Work?

by | 1/ 11/ 21

The main purpose of using a Central Heating System is to provide warmth throughout your home or building. Since it provides heat throughout the entire area, you don’t need to worry about fuel efficiency and the cost of heating each separate space with individual appliances.

What is a heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one substance to another without physical contact and with only a minimal temperature difference between the two substances. Within a heat exchanger is a long pipe, which is surrounded by a substance that can be heated, such as water. A hot substance like gas or water is then fed through the pipe, gradually heating the surrounding water as it moves. The purpose of the heat exchanger is that it doesn’t allow these two substances to combine. A heat exchanger can be used in many applications such as central heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, among others. This device has been widely used because of its ability to increase the efficiency of the process.

Heat exchangers can be commonly found in boilers, and they allow the boiler to heat the water that is then pumped through the radiators and supplies hot water to your hot taps. Let’s have a better look at how boilers work.

How does a boiler work?

A boiler simply works by heating the water through a heat exchanger, exchanging heat from a flame to the water in the system. The flame is ignited by electricity (a spark electrode). A diverter valve controls whether the water is being heated for central heating or for hot water for taps, showers and so on.

How do radiators work? 

As we mentioned, water is heated from the boiler which travels to the radiator. It then goes through the internal pipes to heat up the surrounding air. The warm air circulates the room while the cool air drops, until it moves near to the radiator where it is heated. This cycle occurs every time the temperature of the air needs to be increased, to warm up your home. 

What is a thermostat?

A thermostat is a control device that senses the air temperature around it and then switches on or off heating equipment to maintain that set-point. You can set a preferred temperature, and the thermostat works to keep your boiler at this desired level. 

A thermostat is an automatic on/off switch that can detect temperature changes. When the temperature falls below a set-point, the thermostat turns the heating system on; it turns off when it rises above another set-point. The thermostat is a highly important part of your central heating system. It automatically turns on and off at set times, and it also monitors and regulates the temperature inside your house. 

A lot of your energy can be wasted if you do not have an efficient heating system. If you’re looking for a heating company, Lonsdale Plumbing and Heating has the right solution. Our expert team of professionals can help design your home’s central heating system in order to provide optimal efficiency at all times so that it will never fail on its most critical mission – keeping homes warm and comfortable during those cold winter days! 

Contact us today for a boiler installation Leicester, or central heating installation Leicester. We will be happy to answer any questions about how does a central heating system work and what types of options might work best for your needs because every customer deserves a personalised service. 

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