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Are Oil Boilers Expensive To Run?

by | 16/ 03/ 22

Most people are very much aware that gas boilers are a standard method for heating homes in the United Kingdom. But did you know that, despite its popularity, a staggering four million homes are not connected to the UK gas network? If you fall into this group, you are most likely running on alternative fuel sources for your home’s central heating. 

Have you considered oil? There are less homes that use oil heating, and because of that, oil boilers are not as common as gas boilers. However, that shouldn’t stop you if you are interested. There are still numerous oil boiler models in various sizes and prices for you to choose from. Check out these important details to help you make a more informed purchase:

How Much Does A New Oil Boiler Cost?

Because oil boilers are not as common as gas boilers on the market, they are more expensive. Gas boiler prices start at around £500 or £600, and on the other hand, oil boilers typically start from £1,000. You can expect to find more high-end models starting from £3,000. 

It is important to note that the size of an oil boiler determines how costly it will be. We recommend considering the boiler’s measurements in kilowatts (kW), as that information tells you how powerful your boiler is. 

Small-sized oil boilers are likely to have a boiler size between 24kW-27kW and range between £1,200-£3,500. A typical large oil boiler has a size of 35kW-42kW and is priced between £1,400-£5,000. 

The cost of the oil boiler you purchase depends on the size and type of boiler you select. 

Are Oil Boilers Expensive to Run?

While an oil boiler installation and purchase are more expensive than gas or electric boilers, their running costs are much lower than electricity charges and are more or less the same as gas. If you switch to an oil boiler, you must ensure that it is properly maintained to keep it performing smoothly. Oil boiler servicing can be expensive, but it is extremely beneficial in the long run by helping you save money, keeping your home’s heating system efficiency, and keeping you safe from potential carbon monoxide leaks. 

Even though fuel prices fluctuate regularly, oil boilers are still considered one of the best affordable central heating methods. It might cost you roughly 4.9p per 1kW compared to 16p for electricity and 4.2p for gas. Additionally, the average cost of oil boiler servicing is £75, although it could be less or more in certain areas. We recommend servicing your boiler every 12 months.

Benefits Of Oil Boilers

Here are some of the benefits of oil boilers:

  • They are energy-efficient, as they heat water on demand.
  • The running costs of oil boilers are less expensive than electricity. Even though it is at par with gas, it is a better option because oil is more efficient, giving you a good return.
  • Homeowners are free to change suppliers, as they are not in a fixed contract with government gas suppliers.

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