What are the most common plumbing problems?

Monday 17th May 2021

Issues with plumbing can occur when you least expect them to.

If you are not sure what to do it is always best to call a professional to help you in your hour of need. Here are the top 10 most common plumbing problems that the majority of people have experienced and what to do next.

Radiators can sometimes make a tapping noise in the pipes

1. Dripping tap 14%

Over time if left unattended can cause you to waste money on unused water, so it is advisable to fix it as soon as possible. You can attempt to repair the problem yourself or call one of our experts instead to prevent any unnecessary damage.

2. Leaking pipe 11%

First, you want to identify the source of the leak and dry this area thoroughly. Then wait to see if water starts to leak immediately. If it does then switch off your water supply, then patch up with some tape before the plumber arrives.

3. Slow or clogged drains 10%

This is a particularly common issue that can be resolved easily. All you need are some gloves, a plunger, sponge and some bicarbonate of soda/vinegar to help clear the blockage in no time.

4. Running toilet 9%

The first thing to do is open up the lid on the cistern to see if you notice any blockages or broken parts within the flushing mechanism. Then you should call a professional to help fix the problem.

5. Burst pipe 6%

It can be quite common in the winter months when the cold outside temperature can cause pipes to burst. You should turn off the water and electricity supply and call a professional immediately.

6. Water temperature issue 5%

If you notice the water temperature seems to change drastically from hot to cold then you should first check your boiler appliance manual to see if there are any steps you can take before calling for assistance.

7. Noisy pipes 5%

If you start to notice any tapping noises within your pipes there could be a problem with the water pressure that needs addressing. Get in contact to ask for assistance.

8. Frozen pipes 4%

A frozen pipe can affect the flow of water. Turn your water supply off, check for leaks and then turn back on again. If this does not work contact a professional for assistance. It is important to not try and defrost the frozen pipes yourself.

9. Flooding 3%

If you notice any signs of flooding, turn off the water supply immediately along with the electricity. You should then wait outside until an emergency plumber can reach your residence.

10. Water storage tank failure 2%

You will notice if there is a problem when the water is not flowing through the system like normal. It is best to contact a plumber who is qualified at inspecting the water storage tank.

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