How much should a plumber charge?

Friday 16th June 2021

Whenever you need to book a tradesperson such as a plumber, the cost of hiring them is often one of your most significant concerns.

You don’t want to get ripped off, but equally, you don’t want to pay too little and receive shoddy work and poor service. Having an idea of how much a plumber should charge helps to make it easier to navigate the process of comparing quotes and finding the right plumber for you.

The truth about plumbing costs is that there is no set amount that you can expect to pay for any work. There are several factors affecting what you might pay, including the service required, the quality of the workmanship, your location in the country, and the plumber you choose to get the job done. If you need a plumber, the most accurate way to understand the cost is to have someone visit you and survey what needs to be done so that they can provide a personalized quote. Apart from that, it can be helpful to have an idea of the range of costs you could face.

Radiators can sometimes make a tapping noise in the pipes

Average Plumber Costs

Here are some ballpark figures for some common plumbing services to give you an idea of what you could end up paying.

Boiler Replacement – For a straight swap of a gas combi boiler, you could expect to pay between approximately £1700 and £3000. However, the exact cost will depend on the make and model of the boiler and various other factors.

Replacement Radiator – The cost of installing a replacement radiator is influenced by the size of the radiator and the pipework alterations required to complete the job. You could pay as little as £150 or you might see prices of up to £500, or even more.

Dripping Tap Repair – This common but annoying problem can be easily solved but sourcing the correct parts is one issue that can affect the price. Prices can start at around £70 but may be more expensive if a new replacement tap is required, rather than just replacing a valve or washer.


Get a Quote for an Accurate Price

A general price range can be handy to know when you’re choosing a plumbing service, but it will only get you so far. The best thing to do by far when you need a plumber is to arrange for a quote. It’s tough to provide an exact price for work that needs to be done without knowing more about the work, but when a plumber visits your home, they can assess the work properly and create an accurate quotation that’s tailored to you. This means that you won’t be overcharged and you won’t have any nasty surprises later if it turns out the work was more expensive than quoted. You can get advice on the products required and any other upgrades that could be needed too.

At Lonsdale Plumbing and Heating, we always provide accurate quotations after a visit. Unlike other plumbers, we never provide a quote without first seeing the work. The price that we quote is what the customer pays, barring any unforeseen work that could be required. Contact us today, your local midlands plumber swadlincote to arrange a quote when you need plumbing work in your home.

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